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Unique Style of Designs

We have custom t-shirt that express a inspirational message with a unique twist?

 Check out Sun-Fresh Impressions it might just be the right place for you.

Hi I'm Melissa Newman your CEO of Sun-Freshimpressions LLC.

I began this journey in 2019 with the influence from

Freshstart inspirational message quotes I share with everyone since 2017!!!  

I wanted to have something to represent the significance to each Women that they are truly inspirational by being Beautiful.

 Our skilled and artistic team is creating beautiful inspirational message designs with standard printing machines. We use the latest equipment in the industry to ensure that your prints come out well and beautiful. We have this signature inspirational message for now. To get a quote, contact us through our booking form.

Homemade creative Items

Our customer service is so amazing while we supply excellent quality homemade products at the best possible price.

We have been able to sustain our excellent customer relationships by ensuring that we supply precisely what our customers want, either in stock normally or through special orders. 

We also have a great customer care service system in place, so our customers can air their feedback and be assured that even the tiniest of problems will be ironed out. And, of course, we also give great advice on different products and the best ways to use them.

Inspirational/motivational Events

I strive to reach out to women by giving them inspiration and encouragement to help them in life!!!

I also love to motivate you by having gatherings together in different places with a theme atmosphere for your pleasure and serenity. 

 We setup in many locations weather it be Private, corporate, public, large, small, epic… It is so amazing when we take time to celebrate ourselves and come together to form that sisterhood bond!!


Our homemade organic coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt srcub really leaves your hands feeling moist and smooth!!!!

Sun-Fresh Impressions Co-Founder Melissa

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