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Unique Style of Designs

Looking for custom t-shirt that express an inspirational message with a unique twist?

Check out Sun-Fresh Impressions it might just be the right place for you.

Hi I'm Melissa Newman your CEO of Sun-Freshimpressions LLC.

I began this journey in 2019 with the influence from

Freshstart inspirational message quotes I …

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Homemade creative Items

My customer service is so amazing while I supply excellent quality homemade products at the best possible price.

I have been able to sustain excellent customer relationships by ensuring that I supply precisely what my customers want, either in stock normally or through special orders. 

I also have a great customer …

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Inspirational/motivational Events

I strive to reach out to women by giving them inspiration and encouragement to help them in life!!!

I also love to motivate you by having gatherings together in different places with a theme atmosphere for your pleasure and serenity. 

I setup in many locations whether it be Private, corporate, public, large, small, …

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Owner's Message

Sun-Fresh Impressions Co-Founder Melissa

Our homemade organic coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt srcub really leaves your hands feeling moist and smooth!!!!

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